Karaikudi is a place of chettinad heritage and very much popular for the hospitality extended by the people who live here, and can find very huge traditional houses which is of exponential tourist interests.

All people who live here and outside karaikudi, always wanted to have their identity by maintaining and owning properties in and around. This has created a healthy real estate market.

When looking into the market, we found lot of communication gaps by which the buyers / sellers were not getting the complete benefits, or actual market information for better decision making. Hence WBC Software Lab decided to fill this communication gap and launched this information portal, which will fulfill all the required information and act as a platform to submit property buying / selling / renting / leasing requests and provide our advices and opinions.

Once a property information is submitted, these requests will be very well analysed in all legal aspects and necessary actions will be taken to provide the immediate and best solutions for all concerned through Karaikudi properties trained and registered network of realty people.

We welcome your suggestions and feedback to improve the quality of information we provide. Now you have a trusted platform to avail our services. Contact Us.

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