Karaikudi Railway Contact No
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Karaikudi Railway

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Office Name Contact No
Reservation 224341
Station Manager 224391
Chettinad 283282
Railyway Police 224218

Karaikudi Train Time Table

Train No Train Details Day
Arrival Time Departure Time
Train Schedules
6701 Chennai To Rameswaram EXP Daily 7:15 AM7:20 AM Departure Time From Chennai 9:40 PM
76830 Karaikudi To Trichy PASS Daily -6:35 AM Arrival At Trichy 9:00 AM
829 Trichy To Rameswaram PASS Daily 8:18 AM8:20 AM Depature From Trichy 6:15 PM
840A Manamaduri To Trichy PASS Mon To Sat 9:30 AM9:40 PM Arrival At Trichy 12:10 PM
839A Trichy To Madurai PASS Sun To Fri 6:00 PM6:30 PM Departure Time From Trichy 3:55 PM
832 Rameswaram To Trichy PASS Daily 6:20 PM6:30 PM Arrival At Trichy 9:00 PM
6702 Rameswaram To Chennai EXP Daily 8:30 PM8:35 PM Arrival At Chennai 6:25 AM
6714 Rameswaram To Chennai EXP Daily 11:40 PM11:45 PM Arrival At Chennai 8:20 AM
6713 Chennai To Rameswaram EXP Daily 12:25 PM12:30 PM Depature At Chennai 5:00 AM
831 Trichy To Karaikudi PASS Daily 8:35 PM- Depature At Trichy 6:15 PM
56892 Karaikudi to Mayiladuturai PASS Daily -2:00 PM Arrival At Tiruvarur 6:20 PM
16862 Karaikudi To Tirururaipoondi EXP Daily -5:45 PM Arrival At Tirururaipoondi 9:00 PM
4259 Rameswaram To Varanasi EXP Thusday Only 2:05 AM2:05 AM Arrival At Chennai 12:55 PM Arrival At Varanasi Sat 4:40 AM
4260 Varanasi To Rameswaram EXP Tuesday Only 8:15 PM5:45 PM
  • Depature At Varanasi 9:30 PM
  • Depature At Chennai Tue 10:50 AM
8495 Rameswaram To Bhuvaneswar EXP Sunday Only 11:05 AM11:10 AM
  • Arrival At Chennai Sun 10:10 PM
  • Arrival At Bhuvaneswar Mon 6:45 AM
8496 Bhuvaneswar To Rameswaram EXP Saturday Only 7:15 PM7:20 PM
  • Depature From Varanasi Fri 12:00 PM
  • Depature At Chennai Sat 9:25 AM

Updated on October 22nd 2011