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Avena Apartments

Providing well security using electrical camera and main door external light

Apartments are surrounded by well built compound wall. Block-A Entrance gate made up of metal grill door. Block-B Entrance gate made up of ms grill pedestrian gate.

All Block contain car park entrance.

Providing Emergency Generator (25-50kv) for common areas.

Roof Top made up of brick jully concrete with proper sloping for drainage of rain water.

Lift facilities is available.
Entrance Doors

Main door safety gate single panel door with 12 mm square bars. Good quality calling bell is provided in front of the main entrance.


Given that country wood window, double leaf shutters [preferred color] 4mm thickness, 12mm ms square bar for grill work Ceramic tiles 12”x8” to 3" height above the kitchen platform.


Front-Teak wood frame with teak wood door; polished other doors country wood frame branded door: painted.Ceramic tiles 12”x8” to 3" height above the kitchen platform


European water closet [preferred color] is situated in north south direction of toilet as per drawing with parry ware slim line tank Master bed room toilet ventilator is country wood; single paneled shutter size 2"x1 ½"


Interior room walls - smooth finish in cm 1:4; white wash 1 coat with white cement and color wash 2 coats of distemper paint; Painting of wood work and grill work with 2 coats of enamel paint


Adjacent to main circuit breaker panel board - UPS service


Car parking area - hexagon cement tiles Wall surrounding Lift and floor in front of lift - area laid with quality granite; Remaining Lobby area quality ceramic tiles

Specifications mentioned may generally apply for Block A, B and C with few exclusions, for 100% exact specification contact us.